Thursday, 2/21 – see this Action Network resource to find out how you can help  support the striking teachers. There’s a map and list of priority schools, so you can join the pickets. For any questions, text 617-935-3254. Can’t join in person? Donate to Bread for Ed to help feed students and teachers during the strike! And check out this must-watch video — support Oakland teachers because Daveed Diggs and Boots Riley say so!

Saturday, 2/16, 2 PM – Oakland teachers have just announced they will strike next week, Thursday, 2/21. IEB stands in solidarity.

What you can do:

  • Tell the school board that 5% over three years is not a living wage and Oakland Unified School District teachers need more than that.
  • Tell your friends: this is not just about a salary increase, it is also about class size reduction and changing the ratio of support staff (school nurses and counselors) to the number of students they are expected to serve.
  • Join teachers on the picket line if you can.
  • If you can’t join the picket line, bring food and warm drinks to those who are picketing.
  • If you live near a picket line, make your home restrooms available to teachers who are picketing.
  • Deliver cards and letters of appreciation to teachers on the line, especially from parents and their students. It boosts morale hugely!

For more info, see our previous article (pre-strike).

FYI: Teach For America announced that they will send their young participants to cross pickets lines and will dock their pay if they refuse.

We will update as we can, stay tuned!


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