Think nothing is happening in March 2019, so far from November 2020? Think again! Hero phone and text bankers in West County, who wore their fingers to the bone dialing and texting for the 2018 Blue Wave, are jumping back into weekly (mostly) phone and text-banking parties on Tuesdays from 1 to 3 PM in El Sobrante.

They’re focusing on the many upcoming special elections, starting with an April 2 race for the Wisconsin supreme court, where redistricting cases are likely to come up, and a May 21 Pennsylvania congressional district 12 special election for a House seat previously held by a Republican (the Democratic candidate is already selected so there’s no primary).

Come help slow the trump train by texting and making calls! Join any of these West County phone or text-bank parties, some Tuesdays beginning March 12, anytime between 1 to 3 PM. We’ll update this article as more events are added, so check back! For all details and to RSVP:

All are welcome, from newbies to experienced! The hosts will train you and make sure you’re comfortable calling or texting. Bring your phone, charger, and earbuds (for your comfort) AND a laptop or tablet (or when you sign up, let them know you’d like to borrow one), and don’t forget your good cheer and positive energy to #Resist! And bring friends!

Any questions, contact host Nancy Klein at or 510-917-4045

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