Deadline: We Marched … now we Act!

January 18, 2020 – the fourth Women’s March date since the Caveman-in-Chief came to DC (and let’s make it the last of his tenure!). Many Indivisible East Bay’ers were in Oakland, and we’re bringing you an action item from that central rally. We’ve also got reports from other places, so please take action and then read on!

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Oakland: Make our voices heard! Support Prop 13 reform & the Census

Indivisible East Bay represented at the Women’s March Oakland, which focused its attention on “get[ting] a complete Census count in Alameda County and mak[ing] our voices heard at the polls.” We’re amplifying the work of other great groups doing this work; read on for how you can get involved. We were also at the March to talk about a super important issue we hope Californians will be able to make their voices heard on at the polls in November: the Schools and Communities First (SCF) Ballot Initiative, which will reform Prop 13 to ensure that our state’s corporations pay their fair share of property taxes and support our public schools. More info on that, plus how you can help, right below.

What you can do to support Prop 13 reform:

  • For the SCF initiative to be on the California ballot in November 2020, it needs to get enough signatures by early March. You can:
    • Volunteer with Evolve-CA or the League of Women Voters to collect signatures to get the initiative on November’s ballot 
    • Sign up on SCF’s website
    • Make sure you have signed the current petition – if you signed before October 2019, sign again (but just once). 
  • To help support the census and make sure everyone in California is counted, giving us all the political power in DC that we deserve, check out our article from September 2020.

Background: Prop 13 reform and the SCF ballot initiative

Prop 13 reform is long overdue. For 40 years, multi-billion dollar corporations have gotten away without paying their fair share for California’s public schools, because they have been protected by Prop 13 just like homeowners. The SCF initiative would “undo the property tax caps of Prop 13, but only for commercial and industrial properties” by:

  • CLOSING commercial property tax loopholes that allow big corporations and wealthy investors to avoid paying their fair share of property taxes.
  • RECLAIMING over $12 billion per year for K-12 schools, community colleges, and local communities.
  • CONTINUING TO PROTECT all homeowners and renters by maintaining tax protections for ALL residential property.

Here are some FAQs, and you can check out the long list of SCF supporters, including the California Federation of Teachers, California Teachers Association, the California Democratic Party, and many more.

Ukiah Women’s March

In Ukiah (population just north of 16,000), the local chapter of Raging Grannies led a group of 100 enthusiastic marchers from the Courthouse to Alex Thomas Plaza. With their trademark humor and sly lyrics, the Grannies led everyone in songs and chants against the Current Occupant. Candidates for local Mendocino County races spoke about the need to support women running for office and reminded us that change doesn’t come from sitting on the sidelines. In this close-knit community, the Grannies’ message of resistance rang loud and clear to everyone at the Women’s March. 

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Women’s March Contra Costa

The focus of Contra Costa’s March, held in Walnut Creek, was Voting Is Our Super Power!  Missed it? See videos here of the great speeches, including by State Asm. Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (District 16), Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America founder Shannon Watts,  and other highlights. And watch this don’t-miss speech by CA-11 Rep. Mark DeSaulnier. Also, read our recent article with critical info and deadlines about voting in California’s Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 3. 

Ann Daniels, Ted Lam, Andrea Lum, and Heidi Rand contributed to this article.

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