By Ann G. Daniels and Heidi Rand

Deadline: NOW –

Let’s start with the fact that we knew the GOP Senate was, on the whole, a bunch of lily-livered cowards. We’re still entitled to be disappointed in/furious at our government. But even if you went into temporary hiding from the news, it’s only gonna get worse unless you do something … Here’s what some of us did, and what all of us can do:

On February 5, following the GOP senators’ despicable, cowardly impeachment vote, protests erupted nationwide. Indivisible East Bay joined nearly 250 people in El Cerrito, where we chanted, waved signs, and drew continual honks of support from passing cars.

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Members of IEB’s CA-11 Team, West County Organizing, and others spoke to the crowd about what we must all do now: canvass, phone and text bank, and more.

What you can do:

Get involved in the elections! We need everyone to help replace the Current Occupant, but as the impeachment proceedings showed, we also need to elect Democrats to the Senate – and we need to keep the House of Representatives blue, and all the way down to the bottom of the 2020 ticket.

Thank our Senators. They both voted to impeach. Senator Feinstein spoke out about the importance of hearing from her constituents who supported impeachment. It really does matter when you contact her! Senator Harris spoke out strongly in advance of the vote on whether the Senate would allow “firsthand witnesses or additional documents,” saying that “There will be no true acquittal if there is not a fair trial.” Our Senators need to hear that you support what they’re doing (they’re definitely hearing from the other side!)

What to say:

My name is ____, my zip code is ________, and I’m a member of Indivisible East Bay. I want to thank Senator ____ for voting to impeach the president and for speaking out about his outrageous abuses of power. Please keep it up.

Join us! What good is sitting alone in your room? Come to IEB’s February 23 All Members Meeting and find out what you can do.

And see more wonderful photos of the El Cerrito protest taken by Mary DeShaw of Pro Bono Photo.

Photos of the El Cerrito “No Witnesses, No Fair Acquittal” protest by Heidi Rand

Ann G. Daniels’ checkered professional background includes practicing law, reproductive rights advocacy, creating web content for nonprofits and educational organizations, and teaching adult and family literacy. She also designs jewelry, teaches knitting, and sings second soprano.

Heidi Rand fights the evil empire with skills gained as a Ninth Circuit staff attorney and civil rights lawyer, using words to resist, and to inform and inspire others to take action. She also wields a mean camera and knitting needles, though not at the same time.





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