It’s the perfect time to collect images of your hard work resisting and saving democracy from home, so we’re introducing our new creative project, “IEB In Place.” We’d love to showcase YOU while making calls, texting, writing/decorating postcards, or other indivisible-related activities. To participate, send in a photo of you in action (include any Indivisible swag or wear your IEB t-shirt if you have one) along with a sentence or two about why this work is important to you and/or how you’re staying motivated during Shelter In Place.

Here are some tips for getting that photo picture-perfect:

  • We’ll use the final images to advertise our events, on social media, and in our newsletter, so best not to include recognizable faces. Hands at work are great; or pictures from the back, especially arms, back, and shoulders. Try close-ups and different angles where faces are not identifiable!
  • If you’re outside – say, in your backyard or on your patio – best to be in the shade, the light’s more even.
  • Shooting inside? Try having someone take a picture of you from the outside looking in from the shady side of the house, or at dusk when the light isn’t as harsh. If you do this, include a portion of the outside wall for framing, and have the inside well-lit.
  • For the adventurous, creative shots such as silhouettes will work too.

Please send full-size photos straight from your camera, don’t resize them smaller. We’ll crop or adjust images if needed. This is part of a group project, so your photo and quote won’t be attributed to you, and your photo and quote might not end up together. However, please be aware we may feature individual images on our social media, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for your photos, and for opportunities to show off more shots of you in action! 

A huge thank you to IEB member and Pro Bono Photo volunteer Mary DeShaw for spearheading this project!

Please email your photos with the subject line “IEB In Place” to

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