By Charlotte McGoldrick, Nancy Latham, and Ann Daniels

Deadline: NOW to November 3 –

Arizona. Florida. Michigan. North Carolina. Pennsylvania. Wisconsin.

This isn’t a geography quiz – these are the battleground states on our road to win the White House. And we want YOU to join our team to win them through Vote Save America’s state-adoption plan

VSA is a project of Crooked Media, parent of Pod Save America, which has rallied listeners nationwide to adopt one of six critical swing states, trained them in voter contact methods, and given them tools to flip those six states blue. All of this, done pandemic-safe from your couch. Indivisible East Bay joined VSA with a small crew of voter outreach fans – a couple weeks later, we’re 70 strong and have called, texted, and written thousands of voters in these six battleground states. Now we need you to join us. Here’s why:

There are hundreds of races any of us can work on, and even more events to attend. It’s overwhelming. With less than 100 days until this crucial election, there’s no room for decision fatigue. IEB and friends created “Team VSA” to beat the overwhelm and help our members keep a laser focus on a single state of their choice to work together to win the Electoral College.

We’ve made it easy for IEB team members – and you! Team VSA’s systems geeks created all the tools you’ll need: master calendars, progress-tracking dashboards, and comprehensive toolkits. Each state has an IEB captain who lets the IEB team know about opportunities with organizations across the country, hosts events, and cheers their IEB teams on to crush their goals. There are even some occasional prizes for our voter outreach champs! We have weekly state team check-ins to celebrate wins, set personal goals, and plan the week ahead. Don’t worry, they’re only 20 minutes, because who needs another hour-long Zoom meeting?

Think about it: between now and the election you could collect more recipes you’ll never cook, or watch more TV, or not start that language course – or you could be part of a voter outreach team with great support, and wake up on November 4 knowing you did all you could to save America. This is our righteous fight. No regrets. Let’s go win this thing.

What you can do:

To join the team and help Save America, email Nancy at or Charlotte at

If you’re already on IEB’s Slack, join the vsa-adopt-a-state channel and introduce yourself.


Charlotte McGoldrick is a member of IEB’s Governance Committee, Captain of Team Arizona, Team VSA’s Calendar Ninja, and IEB’s virtual phone bank coordinator. She has worked in marketing and sales at social enterprises and in nonprofit fundraising. 

Nancy Latham is on IEB’s Governance Committee, and is a passionate member of the Resistance. For another 96 days she is serving as Team Vote Save America Coordinator and Captain of Team Michigan.

Ann G. Daniels’ checkered professional background includes practicing law, reproductive rights advocacy, creating web content for nonprofits and educational organizations, and teaching adult and family literacy. 


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