By Ann G. Daniels

Deadline: sign up now for July 7 action and keep going!

American elections are unique in that they last, well, forever. Except when they sneak in and you don’t pay attention to them until they’re practically over – like, for example, the campaign right here and right now to recall and replace Governor Gavin Newsom. A few quick questions:

  • Do you know why the recall is taking place and who’s driving it?
  • Do you know when the election is taking place?
  • Do you know how the election will proceed and what you’ll be asked to vote on?
  • Can you name at least four people running to replace Gov. Newsom? 

Don’t be embarrassed if you said “no” to at least one of those – in fact, the Indivisible East Bay newsletter editors couldn’t answer all of them without going online! Some quick answers: The election will take place some time from late summer through fall. It isn’t officially a Republican party effort but the GOP supports it. There are two parts to the election: recall yes/no, and if yes, vote for a replacement – the candidate with the most votes wins. Here’s an article with some good basics, and here’s the Secretary of State’s FAQ page

A more important fact: This isn’t what our democracy is supposed to look like. Elections aren’t supposed to be temper tantrums, and special elections aren’t supposed to let dissatisfied voters nullify the results of regular elections because they’re mad about what an elected official is doing. We’re not talking criminal abuse of office here – we’re talking about people who are angry at Gov. Newsom and want someone else to take over. In some countries, the government can be unseated by a vote of no confidence. But that’s not how our system works, and we need to say NO.

We seem to be protecting democracy a lot these days, and this is just another example. So: Whether or not you’re a fan of Gavin Newsom, we need you to join us.

What you can do:

1. July 7 Text Training and Text Bank: Elect Black Women PAC is organizing this event for Swing Left. Sign up here.

2. Write postcards or host a postcard party! Get yer postcards here from Action Network!

Graphic: Official seal of the 40th Governor of California, Gavin Newsom.

Ann G. Daniels’ checkered professional background includes practicing law, reproductive rights advocacy, creating web content for nonprofits and educational organizations, and teaching adult and family literacy. She also designs jewelry, teaches knitting, and sings second soprano.

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