By Dane Roth

You’ve probably heard the dire predictions that Republicans will take Congress in the 2022 midterms, with the disaster for reproductive rights, voting rights, climate action, and the health of our Democracy that will follow. But many Republican candidates, with their unpopular stances, are vulnerable – so it’s up to us to get out and make the case for Democrats and Democracy. 

Join us now as we canvass to flip the House seat in CA-22. Incumbent GOP Rep. David Valadao is one of the most vulnerable Republicans this fall – the Central Valley district favored President Biden by more than a dozen points in 2020, and has an even larger Democratic majority in this election thanks to redistricting. A very recent poll shows Valadao trailing his Democratic challenger, Rudy Salas, who cleared the Democratic field in the primary. A Salas win would protect us from the anti-choice Valadao and the GOP’s forced-birth agenda, and help secure the House for Democrats. But Valadao has a lot of corporate money behind him – and this moment is too important to take any win for granted. 

Help us get Rudy Salas elected and gain a Democratic House seat. Join an organized carpool one day a month to CA-22 (about 3.5 hours from the Bay) where we’ll join with local activists to speak to voters and secure Salas’ victory. Contact Ted at to learn more.

Photo by Cecilia Minalga, CA Dems


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