Reclaim Our Vote fundraiser

Making your 2020 resolutions? Start off the year by attending the Reclaim Our Vote event (tix start at $25) with founder Andrea Miller on February 4, 6 pm at The Marsh in Berkeley! Andrea will share the strategy for taking TX, NC, AZ, AL, GA and other states in 2020. Click here for information on … Continue reading Reclaim Our Vote fundraiser

California Presidential Primary 101

By Heidi Rand Deadline: Now and ongoing - 2020's here at last, and our clear vision is to sweep out the corrupt, lawless GOP with a Blue Tsunami! The Presidential Election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - getcher countdown clock here. But this is no spectator sport, fellow politics fans. When's the last time you checked … Continue reading California Presidential Primary 101

Voter registration 101

Deadline: Now and ongoing - If you thought September 24th's National Voter Registration Day didn't apply to you, think again! When's the last time you checked your voter registration? And are you certain all of your eligible family and friends are registered? Now is the time to make sure!  California election dates you need to … Continue reading Voter registration 101

IEB 7/16/19 Meeting with Assemblymember Buffy Wicks, AD-15

Meeting with Assemblymember Buffy Wicks, AD-15, on July 16, 2019 PRESENT: Buffy Wicks; Senior Field Representative Uche Uwahemu; one additional staff person and three interns; five IEB members. This was Indivisible East Bay’s first solo meeting with Assemblymember Wicks, following our May 10, 2019 meeting with her and Asm. Rob Bonta. We gave Wicks and her … Continue reading IEB 7/16/19 Meeting with Assemblymember Buffy Wicks, AD-15

Training Ambassadors for Schools & Communities Act

By Toni Henle The 2020 election isn't only about getting Greed-Personified-in-Chief out of the White House. Also on the ballot in November 2020: the Schools and Communities First Act (SCF) a ballot initiative that would reclaim $11 billion every year for schools and local communities by a closing a California corporate property tax loophole that benefits … Continue reading Training Ambassadors for Schools & Communities Act

IEB Postcard Party

Join Indivisible East Bay's first postcard party of 2019! We're writing postcards to support Nasreen Johnson, who's running for Fresno County Board of Supervisors on March 5, 2019. Nasreen is endorsed by the Fresno Teachers Association. She wants to focus on the needs of vulnerable citizens, on health care, seniors, education, and homelessness. She is … Continue reading IEB Postcard Party