Deadline – URGENT – Election Day

Did you know that almost all neighborhood polling places in Alameda County will be closed on Election Day in favor of a few “accessible polling locations” not restricted by neighborhood residency? Did you know that there will be no signs at the closed locations telling voters where to go?

When the government steps down, activists step up.

When Indivisible East Bay Governance Committee member Ann Daniels realized that Oakland voters might be left standing at closed polls with no idea what to do, she and some friends created signs announcing the closures in Oakland, including a map and list of all the open locations. Within 24 hours of asking for volunteers to post the signs at Oakland’s 170+ closed polling places, all locations were spoken for.

And the project spread: IEB Governance Committee Members Anne Spevack created a similar map for Alameda, and she and Governance Committee Charlotte McGoldrick made sure all closed locations got a copy.

In San Leandro, Governance Committee Andrea Lum had a different experience – after she helped a man trying to vote at the library, a closed polling location, she asked the library to put up a flyer and then contacted the City Manager on facebook. The City Manager responded promptly and said that because she had brought the matter to the City’s attention, San Leandro would immediately make signs and post them at all closed polling locations.

What you can do:

Spread the word!

  • If you live in Oakland, copy the images below and blast them on your social media and ask all your friends to do the same. Help us get the word out so Oaklanders can vote!
  • If you live elsewhere in Alameda County, contact your local government, and ask them to put up notices. It isn’t too late!


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