You’re probably getting lots of emails and social media directions to make calls or send emails to your Members of Congress (MoCs). What we’re trying to do is make one, constantly updated page and take the organizational and guesswork out of the picture for the IndivisibleEB community.

So, in other words, bookmark this page!

Remember – don’t despair if the line is busy! All of our MoCs weight calls and emails the same.

Last updated 7/19/17

“Hi. My name is ___, my zip code is ___, and I’m with Indivisible East Bay. I don’t need a response.” ​

Both Senators:

“Thank you for fighting to protect my health care. Please use every means possible to keep the horrible Senate bill from coming to a vote including withholding consent and filibuster by amendment. And please continue to protect my health care in negotiations if Republicans decide to attempt bipartisan legislation.

I’m looking forward to asking you questions in person during August recess. Please schedule your town halls as soon as possible so that I can make plans to attend.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (email): (415) 393-0707
Sen Kamala Harris (email): (415) 355-9041


Add your own amendment:

Rep. Lee

Thank you for your opposition to the amendment to the Defense Department authorization bill that would have blocked a study on the impact of climate change on national security. I was pleased to see the level of bipartisan cooperation on this bill. Your No vote was cast alongside those of 46 Republicans, including nearly all of the members of the Climate Solutions Caucus.

Rep. Barbara Lee (email): (510) 763-0370 DC: (202) 225-2661

Rep. DeSaulnier:

A bill in the House, H.R. 1374, will protect workers by eliminating forced arbitration in employment contracts. Reps. Barbara Lee and Eric Swalwell have already signed on as cosponsors; Rep. Mark DeSaulnier needs to join them.

Mark Desaulnier (email): (510) 620-1000 DC: (202) 225-2095

We also have an archive of past call scripts, here.