You’re getting lots of emails and social media directions to make calls or send emails to your Members of Congress (MoCs). We’re trying to make one, constantly updated page to take the guesswork out of the picture for the IndivisibleEB community.

So, in other words, bookmark this page! And remember – don’t despair if the line’s busy! Our MoCs weight calls and emails the same.

He’s Even Corrupting the Census

How do you make minority votes not count? By making them, literally, not count! The administration has failed to ramp up Census funding for 2020, which will disproportionately impact the counting of lower-income and minority populations, who tend to be harder to reach. Now they’re trying to appoint Thomas Brunell as Deputy Director of the Census Bureau. Brunell is a political scientist inexperienced in civil service or government statistics who has testified in support of gerrymandered Republican districts and wrote a book called “Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections Are Bad for America.” Read more here, then call Senator Feinstein’s office at 415-393-0707 or 202-224-3841 to express your opposition to Brunell’s appointment. (Senator Harris has already expressed concern regarding Brunell’s appointment).
What to say:

My name is ________________ and my zip code is _________.  I’m calling to express my opposition to Thomas Brunell as Deputy Director of the Census Bureau. He has proven he is hostile to objective and fair redistricting efforts. He also doesn’t have the necessary experience for the job. We need an objective, experienced statistician and career civil servant to keep the 2020 Census on track. This appointment of a deputy instead of a director for the Census is an attempt by the administration to skirt the confirmation process and public hearing. I ask Senator Feinstein to speak out against this on the floor of the Senate.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (email(415) 393-0707 • DC: (202) 224-3841

Resist New, Profit-Loving Offshore Drilling Regulations

Because there is no wilderness that Trump will leave unspoiled if there’s a penny to be made, he has directed Stinky Zinke to write new rules weakening regulation of offshore drilling (and Zinke – surprise! – has been only too happy to comply). The new rules will weaken regulation of safety equipment for coastal shelf oil and gas drilling, creating the near certainty of devastating environmental disasters. Comment by January 29, 8:59 PM PST to protest the proposed rules. More information at our article. Read a description of the proposed changes; comment (and read others’ comments) here.

You can also sign up to receive more information about, or help plan, actions during the first two weeks of February to protest plans for the huge new federal offshore drilling program.

Sample comment:Do not weaken the current regulations on offshore drilling. The current regulations incorporate valuable lessons learned from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, when 4.9 million barrels of oil spilled into the sea, killing nearly a million seabirds and still causing effects in the Gulf. The proposed rules loosen controls on blowout preventers and third party certification that safety devices will work under the extreme conditions in which they are placed. The impact of another spill like the Deepwater Horizon, which the new rules practically guarantee, will far outweigh the benefits of reducing operating costs for oil companies that can well afford them.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement should be committed to the safety of offshore drilling operations, not with oil company profits. Strong regulation and an independent BSEE are needed to ensure that offshore drilling can coexist with other important uses of our coastline, including recreation, tourism, fishing and wilderness.

Defend an Independent Judiciary

Normally we’d encourage you to call your own senators directly—and please do that as well—but this week we want to impress upon the Senate Judiciary Committee staff, and their boss, Chairman Grassley, that people across the country think that the hearing on 11/29 in which the Senate turned its back on the tradition of consulting with home state senators about judicial nominations is a huge deal.

Please call the Senate Judiciary Committee—202-224-5225— today and say:

Hi, My name is ____ and I’d like to speak with the staffer in charge of judicial confirmation hearings. I am upset that Chairman Grassley has ignored the blue slip tradition in order to hold a hearing for David Stras without the support of the home state senator. If the Judiciary Committee abandons its thorough vetting process and acts just as a rubber stamp, we could be in real trouble with no checks and balances on this and future presidents.

Demand Investigation of Abuses at ICE Facility

Hi. My name is ___, my zip code is ___, and I’m with Indivisible East Bay. As the SF Chronicle has reported, immigration detainees at the ICE facility at West County Detention Center in Richmond are alleging abuse and mistreatment. Please move quickly to conduct a thorough, independent investigation to insure that their rights are upheld and that conditions do not put their health at risk.



Tell the Young Women You Know: Fight the Abortion Ban!


Congress is at it again, acting like they know better than medical experts and better than women do about our own bodies. The misleadingly-named “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” a ban of almost all abortions after 20 weeks, decides (as always) who gets to have babies, and boldly makes up “facts” unsupported by medical science about when fetuses can feel pain. An opinion piece in Teen Vogue(yes, Teen Vogue, doing kick-ass political reporting!) points out that this bill will hurt young women most of all: among other reasons, laws in many states make it harder for them to access abortion services, meaning they’re less likely to get early abortions. Please urge the young women you know to speak up: their futures and even their lives may depend on defeating this anti-woman, anti-young womanlegislation.

And while you’re spreading the word: anti-choice forces are putting huge effort into targeting Democratic Senators in red states. Read this article and contact your friends around the country to have them tell their MoCs to stand strong for reproductive rights!

Don’t Blink! The War Against Reproductive Rights Raises Its Ugly Head Again

Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. They are fast, faster than you can believe. Now it’s the HHS Draft Strategic Plan, which declares in Strategic Goal 3: “A core component of the HHS mission is our dedication to serve all Americans from conception to natural death…”

Use this link to tell HHS, “I see what you did there. Life does not begin at conception!”

Comments are due October 27.

End the name-calling and saber-rattling: Pass H.R. 669

Our own Congresswoman Barbara Lee tells it straight: it’s time to stop name-calling and saber-rattling at North Korea before it’s too late. Call 877-650-0039 and write your MoCs and say: “Trump’s actions toward North Korea are reckless and dangerous. Only Congress can declare war. I want Congress to immediately pass Rep. Lieu’s no first-use bill, H.R. 669, to prevent the President from unilaterally authorizing a nuclear strike. A diplomatic solution is the only answer to this crisis, and we need to pursue it starting now.” And pass this on to your family and friends!

Spread the Word About ACA Enrollment Dates

It isn’t paranoia if they’re really out to get you: the administration has drastically shortened the Affordable Care Act enrollment period to only six weeks, and to add insult to injury they also cut the ad budget to let people know about enrollment by 90%, and slashed funding for groups that help people sign up for insurance. So it’s up to us. Use Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, or anything you can to spread the word: the 2018 Obamacare enrollment period begins November 1 and only runs until December 15, 2017. And don’t forget to enroll yourself! More about open enrollment here, read about an effort by former Obama staffers and others here, and see our article.

Thank Your MoCs  Because Healthcare!

Hey, did you hear that we (and that means YOU) saved healthcare earlier this week? Again!? Not to jinx anything, but it looks like the latest episode of “Undead Zombie Killer vs. the ACA” will end with the good guys victorious, and we’ll be spared the midnight drama that raised CNN’s ratings last time. We’d like to give a huge thank you to our MoCs for keeping that snake oil of a bill off our lawn (just to completely mix metaphors). Whether you decide to call, email or skywrite, they all deserve our gratitude. Again.

Unlike last time, this defeat was due in part to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who opposed the bill because he felt it gave too much money to the states and didn’t go far enough to dismantle healthcare for all. Apparently the doctor-turned-senator wants to create an even bigger monster! So watch out: there may be more sequels to this horror show.

For now, though, take a breath and thank yourselves and everyone you know, and especially thank our MoCs, who helped defeat this latest zombie healthcare destroyer!

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (email)
(415) 393-0707 • DC: (202) 224-3841
Sen. Kamala Harris (email)
(415) 355-9041 • DC: (202) 224-3553
Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (email): (510) 620-1000 DC: (202) 225-2095
Rep. Barbara Lee (email): (510) 763-0370 DC: (202) 225-2661
Rep. Eric Swalwell (email): (510) 370-3322 DC: (202) 225-5065
What to say:

This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP]. I am calling (Rep/Sen__) to say thank you for standing firm on behalf of Californians like me, against the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill. I appreciate your strong voice in putting people over politics and preventing what would have been devastating cuts to critical healthcare services. Thank you for keeping up the fight on behalf of all Californians.

Every Vote Must Count!

Voting is the bedrock of our democracy: if it can be broken, every other right we rely on can be taken away. Last month the authors of California AB 840, a bill intended to ensure a thorough vote audit, inserted last-minute amendments that exempt millionsof vote by mail ballots from the manual tally. Our last ditch effort to stop the gutted bill is to urge Governor Brown to veto AB 840.

Call (916) 445-2841 and say: “My name is ____. I live at [zip code]. I am opposed to AB 840 because it exempts millions of vote by mail ballots from the election audits.Please protect the election audits. I urge Governor Brown to veto the bill. Thank you.”

More info on our website and this article.

Tell CalPERS: Divest from TrumpSoho

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System, CalPERS, is a government agency that manages retirement benefits for over a million and a half state employees, retirees, and their families. That management includes investment in a real estate fund that transfers millions of dollars to the Trump Organization to manage the TrumpSoHo in NYC. Too few Californians are complaining that a state agency is funding the current occupant of the White House (and probably violating the Consitution), so CalPERS is continuing to line 45’s pockets. Let’s change that! Visit to sign the petition and prepare a letter to the editor.

Call Governor Brown on Other Important Legislation

SB 687 would prevent the unnecessary closure of not for profit hospitals, like Alta Bates in Berkeley. Tell Governor Brown: Sign SB 687!

SB 149 would ban any presidential candidate from appearing on California’s primary ballot if he doesn’t provide a copy of his income tax returns to state elections officials. Tell Governor Brown: Sign SB 149!

Tell Our MoCs: Get Puerto Rico the Long-Term Help it Needs

In the wake of the natural disasters Puerto Rico has suffered, the federal government has waived the Jones Act, a nearly century-old law that restricted ships not flying under US flags from bringing goods to Puerto Rico. The Jones Act made food and other necessary items prohibitively expensive in Puerto Rico and made bringing aid much more difficult. But as Senators Feinstein and Harris have told the president, Puerto Rico needs more: it needs relief for the entire island, not just the parts covered by the existing disaster declarations. It also needs long-term relief that is not being planned for. Please thank Senators Feinstein and Harris and tell your members of Congress:

Puerto Rico needs our help. I know that help is being given now, but there needs to be a long term relief and rebuilding plan that must include debt forgiveness. I disagree with the proposals for obscene amounts of spending for defense. I want us to nation-build Puerto Rico.

(See above for phone numbers for Bay Area senators and congressmembers.)

Health care repeal zombie is back!

Republicans in the Senate are going to try to use budget reconciliation one last time to repeal ACA this month. This Senate budget procedure lets them use a mere 50 votes (+ Pence to make it 51) to pass the Graham-Cassidy Bill, which would repeal protections for those of us with pre-existing conditions, turn Medicaid into a block grant, and reduce the federal government’s funding for Medicaid over time. They have until Sept. 30, the end of this fiscal year, to get the bill scored by the Congressional Budget Office and to the Senate floor for a vote.

We must call and protest as vigorously as we did all through the spring and summer. The mission is clear: PROTECT OUR HEALTHCARE from Graham-Cassidy. To make calls from home, sign up here

What to say:

Please do everything you can to block Republican attempts to revive ACA repeal, including those procedural delay tactics—such as withholding consent—that worked so well last time, buying us time to expose Trumpcare as a morally bankrupt attempt to take away our health care.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (email)
(415) 393-0707 • DC: (202) 224-3841

Sen. Kamala Harris (email)
(415) 355-9041 • DC: (202) 224-3553

Ask all MoCs to fight for a clean DREAM Act ASAP, and protect CA immigrants

We know that protecting DREAMers is a top priority for all of us in Indivisible. Let’s make sure that the Administration’s deplorable agenda against them is thwarted! Please call both of our Senators and your representative, and spread the word.

What to say:

Please work to pass a clean DREAM Act without any harmful immigration enforcement add-ons and please demand that leadership attach it to all must pass legislation. These young people, as well as other undocumented immigrants, have been asked to wait their turn too many times already. And this can’t wait.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (email): (415) 393-0707 DC: (202) 224-3841
Sen. Kamala Harris (email): (415) 355-9041 DC: (202) 224-3553
Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (email): (510) 620-1000 DC: (202) 225-2095
Rep. Barbara Lee (email): (510) 763-0370 DC: (202) 225-2661
Rep. Eric Swalwell (email): (510) 370-3322 DC: (202) 225-5065

Hey Chuck & Mitch, slow your roll!

Due to unprecedented obstruction, not to mention outright theft, Senate Republicans (we see you McConnell and Grassley) created a crisis of judicial vacancies across the nation. With 144 federal judgeships open, Trump has been busy nominating assorted warm bodies with questionable legal views for these lifetime appointments. Pay attention, because Trump’s nominees are very conservative and their records show little support for civil rights, reproductive freedom, consumer protection, immigration rights, environmental protection…the list goes on.

Right now 45 nominees are on deck for either Judiciary Committee hearings or full Senate votes. The Senate Republicans are trying to ram these nominees through the confirmation process and pack our federal courts with right-wing conservatives.

There’s one nominee for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which takes federal appeals cases for California and other Western states. Ryan Bounds, age 44, has spent the last seven years as a federal prosecutor in Oregon. He is a member of the conservative Federalist Society. Bounds is also the brother of the Chief of Staff of the U.S. House Representative who suggested him for this position. We think his qualifications are inadequate for a judgeship that is only one step below the U.S. Supreme Court.

Both Senators from Oregon have objected to Bounds’ nomination. Because they are his home state Senators, their objection traditionally means a veto in the confirmation process. Sen Chuck Grassley, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has been wavering on this traditional veto by home state senators. He needs to hear from our Senators about this nomination. Please contact our Senators Feinstein (who is ranking member on the Judiciary Committee) and Harris.

What to say:

I oppose the nomination of Ryan Bounds as judge for the Ninth Circuit of Appeals. He lacks sufficient experience for this position, which is only one step below the U.S. Supreme Court, and he is too conservative in his legal philosophy. I urge you to work against this nominee and to support the Senators from Oregon in objecting to Bounds’ nomination.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (email)
(415) 393-0707 • DC: (202) 224-3841

Sen. Kamala Harris (email)
(415) 355-9041 • DC: (202) 224-3553